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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cry Babys Howl

Over the last few weeks, the Righteous Euro boys have suffered through a series of injuries that would have had Rafa Benitez or Alex Ferguson bleating like lambs at the slaughterhouse, but we have stoically kept our council and played on, suffering defeat after defeat. Last night the JMF lost chief goal poacher Dead Eye early doors, and also had Luklear, and to a lesser degree Funky slowed by knocks. The first injury meant Dead eye spent the rest of the night in nets, which considering that he has played like Gordon banks over the previous couple of months, didn't really count as a handicap, a fact evidenced by several top drawer saves. But did this stop the Mincers of the JMF crying like a Frenchman? Did it bolloxs. We were constantly reminded that they were down to four fit players, but only after they went behind. Which wasn't till the halfway point of the game. And once we opened up a healthy lead, they went into overdrive (Big Phil and Luklear excepted). The simple fact of the matter is that we were fucking brilliant, except when we weren't, in which case we were shit. If that makes sense. We got off to an excellent start, the return of Clogs gave us the mobility we have been sorely lacking, and but for our usual profligacy, the game would have been over before the injury to Dead Eye.

But you have to give the man lovers their dues, they are nothing if not tenacious, and not only drew level, but some how opened a two goal lead. but we were not panicked, and a hithero unknown talent for scoring was shown by Shouty, who found space at will, and racked up several scores. but it was the fluidity that was good to see again, as the slick passing play displayed by all on the Euro sides, was breathtaking at times. Shotgun lead the line superbly, opening space for myself and Clogs, but alos making room for the Mercenary to burst through form the back to pepper the goals. If it hadn't been for some great saves by Dead Eye, a couple of Magoo-ish misses ( Shouts missed an open net) and generous sportsmanship from the boys in white, it may well have been a track meet. The final balance sheet, was six goals in credit for the Righteous. But next week could be an odd one. The injury pile up means we may, no will, be short of players on both sides, so the sides that do turn out will bear no resemblance to the usual teams.

JMF- Funky, Big Phil, Dead Eye, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Mercenary, Shouty and Dr Shotgun

2010 Season

JMF wins - 1

Euro Elite - 1

Draws - 0

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