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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Away Day

It looks like all systems go for the first Away Day of 2010. The date is the 20th of February and the destination is Accrington, to see the Bantams take on Stanley. As things stand in the league, it looks to be a mid table, going no where kind of clash, but what the Hell, it's not all about glory. Signed up so far is myself, Crespo and Shotgun, with the possibility that we can drag Sprocket down to our level. Of course it is an open invitation, but the M.R.S. seem to have some form of death grip on a lot of members, so I do not envision a great crowd. The only other away fixture that takes my fancy, is too Chesterfiled, to visit Saltergate before the Spirerites follow the depressing trend of moving to some soulless out of town stadium for the 2010/11 season. Of course if by some miracle we string a succession of wins together, and get amongst the play off places, there could be more to come. But judging recent performances, it may be more prudent to begin scouting Conference teams for our Away days next year.

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