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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Battle of the Brews.....Final Four

The replay has finished, and it was a comprehensive win for the black stuff, as Heineken, quite surprisingly fell at the last eight hurdle. So after months of qualifiers, and knockout rounds, we have our Final Four. One Irish, one American and two German beers remain in the quest to determine which brew will be named "Official Beer of the Bender Squad." I am not going to do the first tie tonight, but I can reveal the semi final draw, which was carried out independently by the future president, Ike. It is as follows:

  1. Guinness versus Kolsch
  2. DAB versus Rolling Rock
No the line up I would have picked at the beginning of our mission to declare an official beverage, but there it is. I will try and get the first tie up and running tomorrow, as I have committed to watching the Hanna Montana movie with my daughter instead of going to the George. We all have to make sacrifices I am told. I am more than likely going to continue with uploading adverts to represent, as it is a lazy way of coming up with a post, and my bone idleness is something I am sure you are all aware of by now.

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