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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mobility Scooter Required

So the season belatedly got underway down the Wood last night, although one side was ravaged by injuries. And it wasn't the shirt lifters. With Clogs and Two Scoops laid up with knocks, the Righteous Elite were left fielding what can most politely be described as a pedestrian outfit. This didn't mean that we gave up, in fact we played extremely well, but could never gain the required margin of goals that would hold off the eventual onslaught. Scoring chances were made, but yet again Funky and Dead Eye proved too staunch a barrier. We did carry a lead late into the game though, as myself, Shouty, Shotgun and The Mercenary rattled in some quality strikes. At the halfway mark, we were kicking on, being two gaols to the good, but already we were beginning to slow down, and a three goal blast by the lady dodgers saw them take a lead that was not to be relinquished. The difference yet again was Luklear war, whose tender years , and ability to track back, made the crucial breakthrough. Dead Eye was struggling with his new trainers, but Funky and King Dave picked up the slack. The seven goal deficit that we ultimately succumbed too, was no reflection on our actual performance. The worrying thing though, is the fact that we could be without our missing comrades for yet another week. A shaky start to the season, as we strive to conquer the forces of evil, and regain our right full place as masters of the Wood.

JMF- Funky, King Dave, Dead Eye, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Big Phil, The Mercenary, Shouty and Dr Shotgun

2009 Season

  • JMF wins - 1

  • Euro Elite - 0

  • Draws - 0
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