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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Queso's STD

Calm down, the Bender Squads captain of industry hasn't got himself a case of the clap. No, in a bid to relieve his boredom he thought up a new game for the blog, to replace, temporarily, McEuro, who is sailing the seven seas, as we speak, to gather more McPhotos. His idea was not to to guess the Sexually Transmitted Disease, but to Spot The Difference. I have to admit a touch of trepidation, it didn't sound the most original of ideas when he pitched it too me over the phone, but persevered, and I fetched the camera as we went out for a few beers on Saturday afternoon, seeing as the football was postponed. Now please bear in mind this is our first attempt, and the quality of the poses began to deteriorate as the day wore on. For a start there was only supposed to be one difference per pair of of photos, so under the ones that have more I will point out the flaws. There is a prize on offer, donated by the Grand Fromage, a shiny one pound coin. If it is a success, I will run it again, although it may have to wait till I get my new camera in a couple of weeks. So here we go, please leave your answers in the comments section. It will run until there is a winner, although all answers have to concur with the ones that were agreed upon when the shots were taken. trust me a couple are extremely easy....

Now for the second pair. Please don't be mistaken for the change in the look on Sandro's face, that is not the answer we are looking for....

If you can not get this next one, you posses the brain wattage of an invertebrate..

Next up......

There was supposed to be a fifth STD, but Maffy moved at the crucial moment, so it turned out more of a spot the what's the same, but I will include it as an out take. This one doesn't require an answer, and will not count towards the prize.

Good luck.

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