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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mercenary HANDS JMF Victory

The return of the underhand cheater, the mercenary, scuppered the Elites attempts to attain a hat-trick of victories. After their whippings of the last two weeks, the JMF resorted to Don Revie like tactics to upset the Euro rhythm, and soon took advantage of our fair mindedness to steal a three goal advantage. But the Shoutster clicked his heels and pulled the elite to level pegging in quick time. It was then the mercenary levelled the valiant Shotgun, upseting his mojo, to ensure his scatter gun shooting returned. He then started telling tales that caused friction between JohnnyMedia and Euro, who proceeded to fallout, and then pissed on Shoutys ruby reds when he wasn't looking. Two Scoops, a late replacement for Young Gaz, fell foul of the dastardly one, who kept handling all his shots and claiming they came off his chest. With our attention focused on this ne'er do well, the remaining batty boys of the MoFo snuck in to steal a four goal victory. Wankers. Well enjoy the pearl necklaces you were all giving each other afterwards, as next week we will be wise to the dirty shenanigans of the mercenary.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins - 8
  • Euro Elite - 4
  • Draws - 1


The 'not guilty' Mercenary said...

Mr Euro, do I detect the heady aroma of sour grapes wafting in from the Euro Elite camp (or should that be the camp Euro Elite!)? In my defence the only time I actually used my hands other than to stop your inept shooting (whilst in nets) was to hold them up after a dastardly and admittedly cynical challenge on the Shotgun. I can hardly be held at fault for the Elite's poor performance and the fact that you resorted to bickering like girls in the face of the pure football onslaught from the JMF. Looking at last nights game it's hard to believe that the Euro Elite were looking for their 3rd win on the bounce, a performance reminiscent of another team in white (take your pick England or Leeds) maybe McClaren has taken control of the Euro Elite aswell!

Anonymous said...

I have reported the incident to the FA who are currenlty viewing the video.

Outcome likley to be A 3 match ban.

Oh and no payment of the Mceuro find..

european bri said...

he even looks a bit like Billy Bremmner