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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A McStroll Down McMemory Lane

Once again the McMercenary claimed the McJackpot, but plenty of you were on the ball to realise I was in Deutschland. This of course means that only one pound is up for grabs this week. Well this week I have a special McTreat for all you McSpotters out there. I know the picture quality isn't great, apologies, but it was taken with a disposable camera. But you have gotta love the sign. It is an original 1960's roadside MaccyD neon, featuring "Speedie" the original corporate mascot, made defunct by good old Ronald McD. Obviously this shot was taken in a museum, and for this weeks jackpot prize I will be McRequiring the McCounrty, McTown and McMuseum it is housed in. So if you are all seated comfortably;



I think Ive got it Crespo said...

Are you at the Jorvic Viking centre in York??

I believe the Viking's had a fondness for the nugget happy meals with the free toy and chocolate mikshake!!

european bri said...

They did enjoy a McRape and McPillage.

The Mercenary said...

My first thoughts led me to the Pot Bellied Inbreds Museum in Tiffin but after closer inspection I'm going for the McDonald's Museum, 400 North Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois.

european bri said...

You are baaaa-rking up the wrong tree, sheep worrier

The McMercenary said...

Just lulling you into a false sense of security and letting you enjoy a few more days with MY pound coin in your pocket!
My next tree is: The Henry Ford Museum, in the Metro Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

european bri said...

In the words of the Bee Gees- You win again. Will stump you big time next week.