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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is the Tesco Tide Turning?

More heartening news concerning the corporate juggernaut that is Tescos, being stopped in its tracks. A few weeks after bailiffs confiscated thousands of pounds worth of booze, after the billion pound generating company refused to pay a customer after one of its car washes damaged his car, the citizens of Bourneville have delivered a slap to the Tesco face, after a local council refused permission to a Tescos to sell alcohol in the "dry" borough. The bully boys decided that although the model town was set up for workers in 1890, with the stipulation there would be no alcohol sold within the district. The people who lived in this community were happy to abide by this ruling for over 100 years, till Tesco thought it could add a few more pence to their bulging profits. Finally local people are realising that Tescos is not about improving communities, but ruthlessly riding roughshod over local people in pursuit of profit.

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