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Monday, March 26, 2007

Driven to Drink

England vs Israel, myself, JohnnyMedia, the Boy and El Grande Queso were settled down ready for the match, when lo and behold, the infamous Jamon appeared!!! He was being chaperoned by the evil CD, but it was grand to see him non the less. The evening was poised nicely, and then they kicked off. Oh dear. I have seen better games down at Valley Parade this year. For those of you not aware of where, indeed what a Valley Parade is, this is where the relegation threatened Bradford City show up to play a game resembling football. Or soccer if you are American. It was woeful, Lennon was played on the left(?), Gerrard on the right, and rumour has it that Lampard was playing down the middle. I could go on but it begins to depress me. In fact it drove me to drink, we all ended up following a trilby wearing West Indian gentleman to a Jamacan club, and that's where my memory starts to fail me, I remember talking to a old work colleague and having a curry, but after that the next thing I was doing was waking up on my sofa, with two cans of Red Stripe in my jacket pockets. The Elster was NOT impressed.


SHOUTY said...

Oh the curse of being born in Bradford, England. Having to support the two worst football teams on earth, what a pile of sh**e england, and that excuse for a manager are, couldn`t even dilute the boredom of the game with vast amounts of alcohol, as i had two kids running round my feet. Anyway finished with the moaning on to scunny where i will be drinking vast amounts of alcohol to dilute the game.
cu there.

Crespo said...

You know times are hard when your teams 5-1 at the bookies and "massive underdogs" to win at a place like Scunthorpe!!

However, we were 6-1 to beat Bristol City!!

C'mon City....

p.s My money's staying in my pocket..

european bri said...

Apparentl Mr McLaren thinks it was as good a display as any teams playing that weekend. Is this guy for real?

The Infamous glass backed lobbon said...

Never mind seeing bradford city perform better I have seen more enjoyable perfomances by the now defunked villager fc( as managed by myself).Unfortunatly I cannot make it to Scunny as will be recovering from Spinal surgery, and any way the mighty donny rovers are on sky appearing in what should be the last english cup final at the millenium stadium , cardiff.
have a few beers for me boys anyway.