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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Temporary Name for our Party

Inspiration has still not struck concerning a name for our political party, so as an interim measure it will be known until further notice as the "George Party", in honour of the public house where it was born. My preference for a colour so far is purple, and our symbol shall forever be a one-eyed goose. Thanks to G Spot for posting a link outlining the Rt Hon Shoutys merciless grilling skills. For those who missed the link follow this to YouTube. King Dave has also raised a point for our manifesto, believing we should be bringing home our troops from Iraq, to guard our borders against the seemingly endless stream of illeagal immigrants entering the UK. I would like to expand on this theory, by proposing we replace our soldiers in the middle east with our burgeoning supply of track suit wearing dole scroungers. This will not only remove a vast strain on our benefits bill and prison population, it will also clean up our city centres and provide the Sunni and Sh'ite Muslim's a common enemy to suicide bomb instead of each other. Support for the war would go through the roof. We could also send over their fat arsed, tattoo sporting, beer belly exposing, alcopop swilling, mattress backed bints with them, because if there is a group of people better suited for a bur'qua, I can't think of one. Our next brainstorming session will take place on Friday night at the George, but please post any ideas or thoughts through the comments section, and I will raise them for debate.

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