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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New George Party Policy

King Dave and I have motioned that a policy point be put in place to forward the motion of withdrawing the BBC license fee. We are appalled that we have to pay for Jonathan Ross's outrageous £18 million pound contract, the competition line fiasco, reality shite such as the restaurant, day time garbage and the rest. But the one thing that really winds us up is that we are paying for the abomination that is Eastenders. The mere mention of this shite is enough to give me the dry heaves. Just don't watch it I hear you say. Well for a corporation that isn't supposed to advertise, they seem to run enough "promotionals" during air time, not to mention the billboard campaigns that blight our urban landscape. Every one's talking about it my pucker hole! And still, whether I watch the beeb or not, I have to pay what is by any other name a tax, to fund this tosh. It only costs 37p a day they tell you. Well that's £135 a year, enough to get me to Hamburg and get my balls licked by a busty east european bird, which is highly preferable to funding Mr Ross's taste in wacky blazers. It wouldn't be so bad if the radio output wasn't such PC, liberal let's save the planet awful, but we have to put with that god awful Liverpool supporter Alan Green doing the footy commentary. Memo to Mr Green, nobody gives a fuck what you think. And what is the purpose of Gabby Logan? Is there a more self satisfied human being on the planet? And they keep ramming women's football down our throat on the once great Football Focus. It is shit. End of. Even when they do mange to make a decent show, ie the Office or Top Gear, they then repeat it into oblivion. My Family, Test the Nation, Radio One, What not to Wear, countless panel shows featuring smug comedians being oh so clever, the One show, Dog Borstal, Causality/Holby City and of course Eastenders. The list is endless of dire output funded by me and you. Ask yourself this, how often do you watch the BBC, then work out how much it is costing you. Bet its a damn site more than 49p a day.

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king dave said...

you also forgot to mention the only films that are worth watching on the beeb start at 11pm or midnight or 1am? i totally agree these overpaid set of polesmokers suck balls in a big way,now gabby logan doing porn would be worth a watch,so if you beeb fuckwits are reading this get on it,not too late though eh!