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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I be Returned to McPlanet Earth

Yaaarrggghhh, ye puke swillin' donut lickers, I be recovered from me flashback and be reportin' that nobody be guessin' I was loadin me love handles at McIngleby Road, McBraford West Yorks. The non acid version to ye right should be makin' it clear to all. This be meanin' me treasure chest now be holding two doubloons. A special Yo-Ho, be goin' out too McAki for e mailing me a McVoucher to be BOGOF Big Mac's to share with one of me crew. Of course I be keel haulin'a fella before I be sharin' any of me burgers!

Any ways, I guess all ye poop deckers want to be layin' yer eyes on this weeks McOdyssey, so without further wafflin';

"WWhhere be MMcEEEuro??"


McCrespo said...

That wasn't Ingleby Road!! Im not havin that!!
This time you could be yet again in Brighouse??

european bri said...

Haar Har ye lanky pucker poker, it indeed be Ingleby Rd, looks closely, and ye be seein' the Morrisons logo on the car posts! And as fer McBrighouse, I never drop me anchor twice at the same McSite.

McCrespo said...

Harsh but fair