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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Movement Begins

Mark down this date as the first anniversary of our brave attempt to wrestle power back from the privileged elite Westminster, and once again become masters of our own destiny. Although we are still struggling to to name this worthy cause, we have already begun to canvass support for our righteous cause. No longer will the denizens of Shipley be able to say there is no point in voting, as they are all the same, when there is the option of voting for the soon to be Right Honourable Paul Richards (aka Shouty). He didn't seem to over keen at first, but after a few sherberts he warmed to the cause, and gave a classic Shouty speech about the 1954 Magical Magyars of Hungary's World Cup football team. King Dave, Crespo, myself and even the Mercenary have pledged donations to the as yet named party, and will be expecting the same from other Squad members. Our election manifesto is a little bit threadbare at the moment, we have only agreed so far that there should be a Pirate bank holiday(held on a Friday), and a referendum on the European Constitution (?). Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

1 comment:

king dave said...

fuck the europeans and the referendum.quoting the right honourable gentlemen:lets withdraw our troops from this pointless war on bullshit, stick'em on the border, they can train the hoodies and pop off some folk that deserve it.then we might be able to afford to every friday off!