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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

JMF Spank Elite...Win by Five

Well it wasn't really a spanking as such, more of a gift, but I found this photo about 11 weeks ago, and didn't think I'd get the chance to use it. It was a game I am still trying to figure out how we lost. For three quarters of the match, we seemed to be strolling towards yet another victory. Yes, we couldn't open up a lead that would have extinguished JMF hope, but everything seemed to be going according to plan. Then, bosh, seven unanswered goals and we were beat. I can only think complacency took hold among our ranks, in which case this defeat was probably needed to re-focus our efforts to prevail at seasons end. To be honest there was no particular performance of note, on either side. King Dave kicked Young gaz out of the game, Clogs forgot that Dead Eye played for the opposition, Lefty took big JohnnyM out and Thommo booted Shotgun. Well the sun shines on the back of every cock suckers head now and again, I am off to try and fathom out how we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


JMF- Lefty, Thommo, Dead Eye, Mercenary and King Dave

EURO E- JohnnyMedia, Shotgun, Euro Bri, Clogs and Young Gaz

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -16

  • Euro Elite - 17

  • Draws - 3


The Mercenary said...

Ou est la 'Slippery T Bacon' EuroBri? Or did you miss him disappearing between your legs?

king dave said...

ha ha! you were well & truly spanked but you sore losers always have to highlight the supposed foul play of the mighty J.M.F!it's like the homo elite prance around like little angels?.there's a lot of prancing going on i know that for sure!.

J.M.F cha cha cha!