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Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Know it's not Monday....

But I was felled by a hangover yesterday, so didn't make it down to the right honourable's constituency. It was worth it however, as it was the first time I witnessed in person the Mighty Bantams win two games on the bounce. Hell we even went a goal down to the Imps and still won. It was a very satisfactory display, big Dave Nsungu proving a handful throughout the match and scoring the equaliser after a mazy run by the mighty Omar. More surprising was the source of the winner. After flattering to decieve on the wing once again, Joe Colbeck latched on to a brilliant pass from Big Dave to finish with quite some style. Perhaps playing down the middle is his future, because his crossing was woeful. Man of the match for me was Big Dave Nsungu, with honourable mentions for Fast Eddie Johnson, Wethers and Omar. I have posted a few pics here.

Baz Watch; On for last 9 minutes. Touches 6, moans at ref 9, boots white

Pie Rating; A Pie-rrific 8/10, highly recommended, particularly the Steak option. Mmmmmmmmm pie.

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