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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pirate Day Approacheth

With July the 21st only weeks away, I think it would a good idea if we all came up with pirate nicknames for the days festivities. All entries in the comments section please. No nominations to name yourself will be accepted, otherwise everyone will be called Swashbuckling something. I think for a pirate name to be granted it should be seconded by at least two other members. King Dave felt every moniker should contain Jack, but I feel this may narrow the options too much. To get the ball rolling I would like to start with the Ginga Ninga, who I would like to forward as Lusty Jason, and El Grande Queso as Calliper Steve. get your thinking caps on.


Crespo said...

Copy and paste this link into your browser, it could come in handy.


Mercenary = Cap'n Bob Birdbrain

tony helmet said...

Musket ball bri

Moanin jaques hacke


Yardarm Hook

Gunwalls buckhorn

Dirty jeremiah

Sealegs san

Swashy baldfish

european bri said...

Musket Ball Bri!?! I think your missus will confirm "Canon Ball" Bri is a more accurate nickname..