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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

McMad fer It, Got any Pills?

Yar there ye squid sniffin' barnacle lovers, even though I be givin' ye a fortnight to be figurin' out where I be burger pillaging, and not a solitary correct guess to be had. I was greasin' me chops in the McManchester suburb of McWythenshawe. So this week I be offerin' two gold doubloons to the sore infested scally who be correctly guessin',

"WWWWhhhere BBBBe MMMccEuro?????"


Anonymous said...

top of leeds rd braddford

Anonymous said...

Dear McEuro,

I believe you are in the wonderful district of McPontefract??!!

Show me the money..


The "gettin better "Lobbon said...

I thought it was Thornbury.