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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Guess the Buffoon

With idiot points thin on the ground since the last Le Grande Buffoon 2007 update, it is always good to know that one of the squad is keeping up appearances. Yes, old reliable, the Funky Messiah has been up to his tricks yet again. In the surveillance nation the UK has become the Funky one has seen fit to ignore the plethora of speed cameras doting this once great land, resulting in the inevitable six month ban. Now in some regards this makes him somewhat of an anti establishment hero in some respects. But gaining another three points for speeding whilst awaiting a court appearance for already reaching the twelve point ban limit is, in all honesty, plain buffoonery. Henceforth, for the duration of his six month ban, he shall be known as the Funky Pedestrian. So as the year rolls towards the halfway point, Funky is gathering pace in his efforts to be presented with the Maillot Jaune. But although he remains favourite to win his first crown, the Jennetta clan, minus Funky, are headed to Majorca for a fortnight. Add the Shoutster to the mix, and you have a recipe for some prime stupidity.

Current Odds;

  1. The Funky Pedestrian-Evens

  2. Shouty-3/1

  3. John the Don-4/1

  4. Mad Ad-9/1

  5. Tony Helmet-9/1

  6. The Boy Dazzler-11/1

  7. European Bri-11/1

  8. King Dave-11/1

  9. King of the Pixies-11/1

  10. King Dave-11/1

  11. Lobon-11/1

  12. 12/1 Bar

All other prices available on request.


Crespo said...

The Funky Pedestrian is well out in front and rightly so.

Though you never mentioned Dangerous??

He could be a good long shot for the yellow jersey!!

soon to be sunkissed Lobbon said...

I shall be keeping a close eye on shouty during the 10 daays I spend in sunny Majorca from next Tuesday and reporting back any nonsensicle escapades.

The Funky Messiah said...

There's no way I'll be caught. That is unless you have a car!!


european bri said...

dangerous is all about potential at the moment, and with Shouty and the Pedestrian showing strong early form, i have him pegged at around 20/1, an excellent each way bet.