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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Contentious Draw Down the Wood

An ill tempered game in in stalemate last night, with European Bri slotting home a hotly contested penalty in the dying seconds to secure a draw. A low scoring affair played out in muggy conditions was in the balance throughout, neither team being able to stamp it's authority on the other, resulting in, by my reckoning, an 8-8 draw. Apart from that it was the usual game of shouting the toss, my personal favourite being when King Dave shouted handball on himself. Many changes next week, the Mercenary fills in for Shotgun again, Lefty plays for Shouty and Thommo replaces the Funky Pedestrian.

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -12

  • Euro Elite - 8

  • Draws - 2

For those of you who were wondering about last weeks result, I can only report that Two Scoops and Funky did not show up resulting in a four a side game. Reports of the match vary massively from both sides, as I was not there for the game, but it appears through some form of skulduggery the JMF prevailed. Queen MoFo, Jamon, feels this should be included in the seasons result, something I believe he would have had a different view if the JMF had lost. In an effort to restore deteriorating relations between the forces of good and gay, I am proud to announce the JMF as the four a side kings of 2007. Hurrah!

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