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Thursday, June 28, 2007

It Ain't Over Yet

After the woeful display of the Elite the previous week, all seemed lost for the 2007 season. But the Euro boys showed bags of character to bounce back with a two goal victory last night. Two Scoops, standing in for the injured Young Gaz, proved a handful all night, and Ole Shotgunner Solskjaer finally found his range to blast the the MoFo net full of goals. Myself, JohnnyMedia and the Shoutster bore the JMF brunt, and weathered kicks, elbows and industrial language to hold the shirt lifting MoFo at bay. As usual though, the JMF sprinted to an early lead, Blunderbuss Ben, a late replacement for the Funky Pedestrian, was amongst the goals, as they surged to an early five goal advantage. It was crunch time, and the Elite were not found wanting as they dug deep to pull themselves back into the game. Euro Bri took one for the team, blocking a rocket from the Blunderbuss, to preserve equality, before shotgun found space to put the Elite into the lead for the first time. As the match became heated, Luklear War injured himself try to decapitate the Shoutster, as the game threatened to descent into carnage. It was at this crucial moment the MoFo adopted a tactic that was to prove their undoing. For reasons best known to themselves, they decided to stop marking Two Scoops, giving him the freedom of their half, something he exploited brilliantly, as the righteous eased home to a morale boosting victory. Oh they cry like bitches when they lose.

2007 Season
JMF wins -14
Euro Elite - 9
Draws - 2


king dave said...

Solskjaer in white? your'e having a giraffe!

european bri said...

Dave, Dave, Dave.....Your mate Young Gaz shoes up every week wearing a white Man U shirt with Solkjaer on it. Buffoon points for you I think.

P.S Can you show uo spliffed up next week as well?

king dave said...

with your team selections of late it would'nt surprise if the actual solskjaer turned up next week for your lot.p.s i had 2 reefers the week before!