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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lobon ...Quiz Buffoon

Before setting off on his summer hols, Lobon dropped into the Villager to lend his brain power in our efforts to win the weekly quiz. We were doing well, Lobon doing his usual trick of saying "Yeah, that's it." every time some got a correct answer. Now being a former pub DJ, he fancies himself as a bit of a wizz with music trivia, and to be fair got a question right, the answer being "Young at Heart" by the Bluebells. He then boldly announced it was co-written by Clare Grogan. Now I reckon he only said this because she's Scottish as are the band, and vowed to prove him wrong, which turned out to be as easy as I expected. Amongst many sources , this link to, which shows this song was a cover of a Bananarama song off Deep Sea Skiving written by the distinctly non-Scottish Siobahn Fahey. Lobon, you are a fool.


the stood corrected lobbon said...

I stand corrected, Ive done alot since then,it was 23 years ago.But at least I was correct in the fact that it was co written by bobby bluebells then girlfriend , I just got the wrong one.

Anonymous said...

Off wee is ed.
Yours Pirately