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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mediocre Britain

I know I haven't raised any issues concerning the way the country is run for a while, but caught a report in the Times about the dumbing down of Britain's schools, particularly in science. Instead of learning academic subjects, month long projects such as global warming are to be their replacements. In response over a hundred teachers have posted and signed a petition on the number ten website. One was quoted in the newspaper as saying it was "science fit only for the pub." Another has said this GCSE will "remove Britain's technological base within a decade." Yet another said"I would never allow my own children to sit in my own classroom and be taught such a shambles masquerading as 'science'" Other "You couldn't make it up" examples include a school in Surrey that has renamed English classes as Communication classes. My own kids are now approaching Secondary School age, and unfortunately I cannot afford to send them private. Its bad enough that the Primary school they attend doesn't do any kind of sport (sports day at their school comprises of well known Olympic disciplines like find the bean bag), but now they are going to be expected to gain decent employment against well educated eastern Europeans, with qualifications in subjects such as Citizenship and Pollution. Just look at this article posted in the London evening Standard;

So if you can't pay to teach your offspring privately, get used to your kids living at home forever, this government is making sure McDonald's will never struggle to fill its vacancies.

The petition mentioned above can signed through the link;

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