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Monday, June 18, 2007

Alarma española de Payaso!!

Word has reached these shores that the first buffoon shots have been fired in Majorca. Surprisingly they were not off loaded by Shouty, but dark horse Lobon proved he doesn't always shoot blanks, as he contrived to lose his apartment keys, and has discovered his cash card will not work abroad(although this could be a ploy to get out of buying a round, as he is well known for his short arms). This may not constitute idiocy on an epic scale, but hopefully will inspire the Shoutster to up his game, if for no other reason than to give the Funky Pedestrian a run for his money. Speaking of stupidity, has anyone seen the Don lately? Has he returned from his trip aboard the "Luuuuurrrvvvee" boat? The mind boggles...


tony helmet said...

the Don was seen on Sunday. He looked like he was still on the boat! No John the ground isn't moving. It's you!!

The slightly tanned lobbon said...

Sorry to report that apart from my own little hiccup the spanish adventure to majorca went without any baffoonary that i can recall. I do however have some very dark footage of the shoutster shaking a leg which I will forward to Euro so he can post.
I wasn't even drunk ofr hungover when I lost the keys and eventually found an ATM that took my card (bollox).