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Thursday, June 21, 2007

King Dave Chops Down Euro Elite

The evil JMF upset a strong Elite side last night to win by five goals. What appeared a superior Euro team was undermined early on, as Young Gaz pulled up lame with a recurring injury. This was compounded by a sluggish start by the Elite, who gifted the MoFo a five goal head start. After shaking of the cobwebs, the Elite dragged themselves back into the game, pulling within two of the shirt lifters, when King Dave decided to go postal, and turn his flipper like size 11's from sand wedges into WMD. First the Mercenary was felled by gone Berserk Dave, damaging his heel so badly he was forced to retire to goalkeeping for the remainder of the match. But his most nefarious moment was saved for the dying seconds of an already won game, when unprovoked, he sprinted the length of the court to viciously assault an unsuspecting European Bri with a Kung Fu style stamp to the back of his ankles. He then proceeded to run out the exit and boot a couple of squash players next door, elbowed the cashier at the entrance and punted a passing dog over the sports centre roof. We are hopeful he remembers to take his medication next week. I hate those MoFo cock suckers.

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -14

  • Euro Elite - 8

  • Draws - 2


Arsenne Wenger said...

I never saw it!

Arsenne Wenger (AKA Crespo)

The slightly tanned lobbon said...

Is he changing his name to cuntana?

king dave said...

if the homo elite watched the ball instead of each others arses and stopped backing into the JMF in the hope of some length this would'nt happen!

european bri said...

Whatever you say Dave, just PLEASE don't be kickin' me no more.