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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Better McLate than McNever

Yarrgh me hearties...I be fallin' asleep in me hammock last night after a hard day pillaging, and did not get chance to be posting this weeks McOddyssey challenge. McCrespo rodgered me booty of two pieces of eight last week, for guessing I be dropping anchor in McPontefract. So for one golden coin from me bountiful chest, can any of ye rum dodging cabin boy chaser's be spotting;

"WWWWWhere be MMMMcEuro????"


Anonymous said...


ayant visité récemment l'en arrière comté de Yorkshire je crois que vous êtes dans Halifax??

Jean-Pierre x

european bri said...

Yarrgghhh!!! What be the world coming to when a fancy speaking french oyster hugger be guessin' I be fuelin' me fat in Halifax! Sacre Bleu!!!!