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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Le Grande Buffoon 2010

Things got a little busy a few weeks ago, but things kind of cooled off for a spell. Shouty picked himself up a point for texting out his new mobile number, without saying who it was from.... This weekend Crespo was in dumb blond mode. Yes, I scored a point, rather harshly, when I miss heard something Patty said. He told us he couldn't make our Good Friday Bender, because he was off to the boat race. I thought he said "Motor race" and asked who was racing. Crespo was all over me on that one, and with Helmet and Queso to hand to back him up, I resigned myself to my score. But then our lanky hero, still flush at catching me out, turned to Patty and asked, straight faced "So where the race then?" Patty looked at me, and then Kev, before answering "London." Deuce, as they say in tennis, and a score chalked up for Crespo. But all this pales, apparently, in comparison to a rumoured ten pointer by a squad member. It happened a couple of weeks back, but my sources tell me it is a nailed on ten pointer, a veritable "Buffoon" rating. The person who it involves, will make a great impact on the race for the Maillot Jaune 2010. Add the upcoming Bender, along with our imminent sojourn to Dusseldorf, and it could be a golden month in the annals of stupidity.

Updated standings;

  1. Trigger 10 points
  2. Crespo 9 points
  3. Euro Bri 8 points
  4. Charlie Child Catcher 7 points
  5. El Grande Queso 6 points
  6. Gareeeeeee 4 points
  7. Mikey D 3 Points
  8. John the Don 2 points
  9. Shouty 2 points
  10. San 1 Point

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