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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost Opportunity

I thought I would be unable to relay this tale of woe, but thanks to the guys who play after us down the Wood, I can confide in you the truth of last nights sad demise. Dr Shotgun, being the magnanimous sort, treat us too a new football a few months back, and a fine one it was. But because of an injury, he entrusted me to look after it, and last week, guess who wondered off and forgot it. That's right, Shouty. This meant that last night we had too play with a furry, wrinkly, odd shaped ball, which of course played right into the hands of the testicle loving JMF. We managed to keep ourselves in with a shout, but if contending with a knacker shaped ball was not enough, the Funky Messiah decided to leave a fart of such destructive odour, that it rendered the right flank of the court a no go zone. We have all heard the rumours of what he sticks up there, and it was a smell that quite frankly, I hope to never have to suffer through again. It proved to be an obstacle to far, and the game was up. The bad news for the MoFo is that I have recovered our ball for next week, and I have ordered a supply of nose plugs to eradicate the Funky Anus tactic. The only other highlight of the evening was King Dave taking a shot to the gonads. He barley flinched, earning him the nick name, for one week only of King Vagina. Back too level pegging.

JMF- Jamon, Dead Eye, Funky, Luklear War and King Vagina

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Shouty, The Mecenary and Big Phil

2010 Season

JMF wins - 6

Euro Elite - 6

Draws - 0


SHOUTY said...

How could i forget the ball when i wasn`t playing last week, point for bri i think lol

Euro Bri said...

It was a joke, you idiot. I was trying to blame you for my own obviuos ineptitude. If a point needs raising it is for you.