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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buffoon Update

A quick addition too the previous "Grande Buffoon" post. Crespo left his car at the Villager the other weekend, and when he showed up to getr it on Sunday morning, found himself parked in. gutted he rang up Andy, the land lord to find out the phone number of the van owner, so he could get him too move it. Andy was only to willing to oblige, pointing out that the number was written down the side of the works van he was staring at. Rack up one point for the Kev-meister.

Updated standings;

  1. Trigger 10 points
  2. Crespo 10 points
  3. Euro Bri 8 points
  4. Charlie Child Catcher 7 points
  5. El Grande Queso 6 points
  6. Gareeeeeee 4 points
  7. Mikey D 3 Points
  8. John the Don 2 points
  9. Shouty 2 points
  10. San 1 Point

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