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Friday, March 05, 2010

Dog Days

I know there hasn't been a whole lot of activity on the blog lately, but it is with good reason. There just ain't fuck all going on. At first I figured it was the never ending recession. The I kind of thought it might be down to our age. None of us are getting younger, that's for sure. There was an illegal rave down in town last weekend, and the first I heard of it was via the Telegraph and Argus. Boy, did that make me feel ancient. (Did bring back a few good memory trips mind) Still, there was a an item on the local news on Wednesday that made me realise that there is fuck all going off in general. Myself, Shouty, Gaaarrreeeee and the Mercenary were shooting the breeze in the Villager after the England game when the local news came on the telly. Now West Yorkshire is not some back water rural county. It is home to over two million folk, but the second lead story was that a dog had escaped. That's right a dog had gotten loose from it's garden. They even had close circuit TV images of it sniffing a lamp post, and a hot line to report any sightings. I kid you not. Was this a one off? I tuned into Look North, the BBC equivalent too Calender, and the second story on this days report concerned a story about a teaching assistant taking the piss out of a kid on Facebook. Another busy day then.

So it isn't us who are surrendering to the vagaries of time. Yes we are all skint, but the truth is we live in a place where jack is going down at the moment. But with spring literally a couple weeks away, I sense things are getting ready to go up a notch. Well at least I hope so, I haven't been this sober, for this long, for ages. The fact that I am writing this, on a Friday night, after a second consecutive Friday night in is freaking me out a bit....

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