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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

One Door Closes....

And another one opens. The current Grande Buffoon title holder, has unfortunately had to withdraw from the impeding sojourn to Dusseldorf. Work commitments have foiled his planned japery, and he will now be hoping to instead make the Belgium beer festival jaunt in September. But this has provided an opening for another member, and Helmet had promised a spot to Trigger, so instead of the Champ, we will be taking the current leader along instead. It has been suggested that we get a homing device of some description for him, but he is big enough, and ugly enough to look after himself. But he is not the only surprise addition. Dance Matt and the Major are making the trip up from Munich and Basle, to swell the numbers attending to twelve. I have now started an official countdown, and it can't come soon enough. We are at the arse end of winter, and we need an epic Bender badly to shake of the dark months torpor. 1860 still haven't confirmed kick off times for that weekend, which could still be the fly in the ointment of our plan, but even if we miss the game, I am sure we can find plenty to entertain ourselves.

As for Der Lowen, they have been on a pretty good run of results lately, although a lack of consistency looks to have condemned them to mid table mediocrity. The same cannot be said of Fortuna Dusseldorf, who are pushing hard for promotion. Fingers crossed. If not, we should be able to catch a game over the weekend, as many of Germany's top teams (Koln, Dortmund, Shalke, Leverkusen, Moenchegaldbach) are all in the same region.

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