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Friday, March 26, 2010

Take, Take, Take.....

We all know that the current difficulties we are all in were pretty much caused by a bunch of rich bankers, whose epic avarice finally caused the meltdown of the financial system. The folk who should be making sure that such a situation didn't arise, were far to busy flushing our tax money down the shit hole on duck houses, second homes, or alternatively were pushing through umpteen new laws to make our lives just that little bit less enjoyable. Of course when the proverbial hit the fan, it was yet again the good old British tax payer that was left to pick up the tab, to the tune of about £300million pounds a day in borrowed cash. Of course this brass needs paying back, and I don't think the Chinese are in the business of letting countries set up an IVA. This means a hike in taxes and a cut in public spending, something that has reached Herculean proportions during the current governments 13 year tenure. So what plan have our esteemed leaders conjured up? They are to rinse the good folk who have propped up the economy, and who provide a healthy wage to them, and keep them in splendorous retirement. On other words, me and you.

It's not just our pay packets that are trimmed. No. The few treats we enjoy are also spanked. Enjoy a tab? Pay up. A few pints over the weekend. Pay up. Fancy a drive to enjoy the country side? Pay up. And for what? These brilliant public services they are supposed to fund. Where are they? The town I live in, Bradford is getting a city centre park, that nobody wants, foisted upon it, at a cost of millions, yet schools throughout the district are starved of basic equipment. Our road tax and petrol duty are among the highest in Europe, yet they are continually choked with traffic, for road works that seem to have nobody working on them. The list is endless, but the question is: Why?

For years I was not sure of the answer, but I think I know it now. It's quite simple, they hate us. We are not wealthy enough them to be of any use, and the fact that we can vote them out of office infuriates them. Witness the expenses fiasco. Barely a handful have apologised, whilst the majority claim they have done no wrong, and attempt to thwart all attempts to make them repay their ill gotten gains. Now we are finding out about the fees charged for lobbying on the behalf of large corporations, whilst jetting around the globe on "Fact Finding" missions while hectoring us about the evils of our Carbon Footprint. And now that we all can see them for the conniving, self serving swine that they are, how do they get even? The Budget. So exactly how can we make them see that they work for us, and the other way around? Vote them out. I know mine is a small voice that will be lost in the cacophony of drivel about to be spouted in the run up to a general election, but I do have an idea. A pretty good one I think. If we were all to vote for anybody but the MP who currently holds their seat, we would end up with an entirely new body of representatives. It might not be the perfect solution, but it would oust every single one of the self serving wankers who currently sit. Maybe then, they get a taste of what it's like to make your way in the real world.


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