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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Goes Around...

Comes around, as the old adage goes, and the game down the Wood gave credence to this old saying. A few weeks back, the JMF were suffering from a spate of injuries, and had to play against a Righteous Elite, that were bolstered by a young an excellent player covering for an absent team mate. The result was a comprehensive win for the boys in white. The arse munchers whined about the sides, but I said at the time, that these things had a habit of evening themselves out. And tonight they did. From the off the ass bandits looked to have a stronger team, and to win, we were fully aware that we needed to operate at our optimum. Two injuries put paid to our bright start, and in the end the MoFo did us like they do their rent boys. Texas Style. For those of you not familiar with Wibsey slang, this equates to a dry bumming. I could not shake a dead leg, Clogs picked up a toe injury, and we fell to pieces. In fact, we did well to score over ten goals, but we were still well beat. Shouty and the Child Catcher did their utmost, but Happy Feet and Dead Eye ran us ragged. After a bright start to the campaign, we find our advantage cut to a single game. Game on, as they say.

JMF- Happy Feet, Dead Eye, Funky, Luklear War and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Mercenary, Shouty and Child catcher

2010 Season

JMF wins - 4

Euro Elite - 5

Draws - 0

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