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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bender Details

The plans for Good Friday are now becoming much clearer. A few of us are heading of down to the Candia on Legrams lane for a spot of lunch, ie meatballs and Peroni for around 12:30, and once finished will be taking a stroll down to the Fighting Cock, where our ETA is around 13:30 hours. From there it will be on to the less salubrious haunts of Bradford town, as we embrk on an epic Binge. So far it looks to be a good turnout, among those making a PA are the Boy Dazzler, Shotgun, Mossy, Big JohnnyM, Lobon, Big Al, Mikey D, Queso, Helmet, Sprocket, Crespo and even the King of the Pixies. If I have missed anybody out, apologies. For the rest of you, grow some stones and get yer arse out!

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