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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cant Come Soon Enough

Not the German trip, although the same applies, but Good Friday, our first official Bender of the Spring. I am not expecting a huge turnout, a lot of Evil M.R.S. have made plans for various members, but there should be a few. The itinerary is is a simple. Candia for Fortitude, ie meatballs, and then round the dive bars of Bradford town. It will be an early-ish start, the guy at the greasy spoon is looking to be shut up for the holidays by around two o'clock, so for those wanting line their bellies there can be no lolly gagging. The we head for the Fighting Cock, Beehive, Harp of Erin, Star, Castle, Commercial and Boy and Barre ll to name but a few. Anyone needing to join up later, give me a call, and I will direct you accordingly. Should be a hoot.

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