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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bantams 0 Magpies 0

A grim Northern night, and a pitch that was in a pretty poor state, was never going to lend itself to a classic encounter, although the match wasn't that bad. County applied all the early pressure, but the Bantams defence kept it's shape, and didn't make any stupid mistakes, so the early waves of attack petered out. City found their feet, and gradually made a game of it. Daley tried his hardest, but the conditions were not made for his style of play. The second half started well for the home side, and an otherwise excellent Hanson, let himself down with twp misses that should have at least tested the keeper. As the game wore on though, our sides lack of fitness began to show, and the Magpies could quite easily have bagged all three points. But they didn't, and to be honest a draw was probably a fair result. After the chaos of Stuarts last couple of months in charge, it is nice to see some order restored to the side, but it seems to me that Mr Taylor is sussing out who is staying, and who is going to be looking for a new team. I have no problem with this, but I kind of expect that the season will start to drift now, as we don't really have owt to play for. Just hope he get's the right players in, and hangs around to see it through.

Pie Rating- I did have a picture of Mickey D and Queso sampling the fine steak and kidney pies. But my cheap ass phone won't upload said photo, so you will have to make do their grades. Queso was most impressed and gave it an 8.5, before realising this might have been a tad over the top, and down grading to an 8. Mickey D, whose pie was slightly burned underneath, gave his a 7, which translates to an average of 7.5. I gave the savouries a miss, but am committed to setting new record of five pies during a game on Easter Monday.

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