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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ponces Kick Off

So the a week after the proper football season started, the overpaid thespians take their bow, as the English Premier league gets under way. And for a change it could actually be interesting. Instead of the same four clubs strolling to a top four finish, we actually have at worst six, at best eight teams that look like they could actually contend. Villa and Everton are, admittedly long shots, but Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool, United and Chelsea can be considered legitimate title hopefuls. True, both Liverpool and Tottenham look a little short squad wise, but both Chelsea and United are beginning to look long in the tooth, and Arsenal still seem a little lightweight. Does this mean Man City are due to buy the crown? I don't think so, as I am of the opinion that Mancini is a little too conservative to put his superior spending power to proper use. A team that is top heavy with defensive midfielders, and relying on the enigmatic Adebayor and Balotelli for goals does not look champion calibre to me. I reckon the stylish Italian will back in his home country in time for Christmas. Liverpool will improve under Hodgson, the Gunners will flatter to deceive, Chelsea seem to be getting old fast, and as for Spurs, come on..... so like it or not, and rest assured I don't, I fore see a last hurrah for the likes of Neville, Giggs and Scholes as a Rooney inspired Man United move ahead of Liverpool as the most successful English team of all time. In the Fa Cup, I predict Manchester City, lead by Martin O'Neil, as winners, the League Cup, or whatever it is called now, going to Chelsea, In Europe, Hodgson will loose his third Uefa Cup, or whatever it is called now, final too Werder Bremen. In the champions league Spurs will go on a magical run to become the first English team to win all three European trophies. I predict this in honour of my favourite Swiss geezer, The Major. Going Down? Blackpool, West Brom and the JMF.

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