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Friday, August 06, 2010

Has the George been Goosed?

A while back I ran a top ten pubs of Bradford, and if memory serves The Upper George at Wibsey finished as numero uno. But there has been a nasty development of late. For some unfathomable reason they have introduced a pub disc jockey. It gets worse. He goes by the name of DJ Gaz, is about 52 and his record collection stops around 1989. To be fair, he has cut the volume over the last couple of weeks from ear drum shattering to dull roar. This meant a few weeks back a quick escape from the audio abomination, to the more tranquil surrounding s of the Gaping Goose (aka the Gaping Gash) which proved a bit of a result. Yes it is a bit of a time warp, what with the hanging Toby Jugs and numerous brass plates on the wall, but the beer is cheaper, and it has a much mellower vibe, more suited to the gentleman of advancing years that myself and Geevers have now become. Of course we still meet up at the George, but by around nine the Gazmeister has us beating our feet down the road. In fact, I think we shall return tonight, it is Friday after all...

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