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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ad es Aus!

Der Bundesliga got underway over the last weekend, and 1860 were the Monday night game taking on VFL Bochum, who are going to be one of the contenders for promotion this year, so it was a stern test away from home. To stern it transpired, as Der Lowen went down bravely 3-2, sunk by two goals from the "Peoples Rooney" Jong Tae-se. "Who he?" I hear you ask. He is the North Korean chap who was seen in floods of tears at the recent World Cup as his countries national anthem was played prior to the Brazil game. Big Bad Benny Lauth pulled one back 30 minutes from time to make the home team sweat, but alas, they ended up leaving empty handed. Next weeks home opener is against perennial strugglers Vfl Osnabruk, so you can almost guarantee a loss. For those interested, I will be pricing up the Berlin trip when I return from Brussels, although Crespo is still holding out. I am toying with a Facebook campaign to make him change his mind.

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