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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Finger Out of Arse

As all of you have noticed over the last few months, my commitment to this blog has been pretty woeful. I could point to numerous reasons for this, but the main one is bone idleness. But I have finally relieved the proverbial kick up the arse that has been much need, from the good Dr Shotgun, how has told me quite frankly, that it has become stale and boring. And he is bang on the money. So from henceforth, I shall be making sure I allocate more time to the nonsense that is "Euros World." Of course it helps that football season is primed and ready to start this weekend. It is also good that we have an immediate "Away day" to post, as myself, Helmet and Crespo take off into deepest darkest Shropshire to watch the Bantams play the Shrews, This is followed by a 21st shindig for Kevs brother at the Fiddlers, There is a good chance that Clogs, The Boy, Mossy and even possibly Spunky Monkey could be out and about as well. All the required ingredients for some well earned buffoonery. Let the good times roll.

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