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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bantams 2 Forest 1

It has been a hectic couple of days, so just a quick post concerning the Mighty bantams stunning victory over Nottingham Forest. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I wangled a last minute invitation to the game, on a freebie in one of the corporate boxes. Free beer and sandwiches to go with free entry. Sweet! (Even though it does go against my feelings that corporate greed is taking the game away from the working man, but it was free beer!) So on to the match. Again a bright start from the lads, with short passes and movement again replacing the big hoof up ti the big man, that has blighted the Parade for the last three seasons. There were many changes from the opening day defeat, and it was good to see Omar back in the fold. Of course this didn't stop Forest taking the lead, and at half time it appeared only a matter of time till the lead was extended. The I remembered why free ale & grub was not a good idea, as I was still stuffing my face when we equalised. A shrewd triple substitution by Mr Taylor saw the introduction of a non league triallist Syers. I may have missed him score, but he was very impressive for the remainder of the game. Good in the tackle, clever running and most impressively to my eyes, the ability to carry the ball forward and pass intelligently. Another non-league diamond? Let's hope so. Because then we would have a pair, as the front line play of Jake Speight, in my opinion anyway, earned man of the match. A real handful who harried and chased everything, with a good touch, and quicker than he looks. Evans will be fearing for his spot, as I felt the front three of Speight, Hansen and Moult looked very good. Last but not least, a mention for McLaughlin. Why he has had to wait this long for a run as number 1, I am not sure, as he looks an upgrade on Glennon and the loan keeper we had last season. We have drawn Preston at home in the next round, maybe not the most glamorous tie we could have got, but winnable. Bring on Stevenage.

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