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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Die beliebtesten Majors Deutsch tune

You mat remember a couple of months ago that I posted El Grande Queso's favorite German tune (thanks to the Shoutster for tracking it down), but the Major also has a choice recording to add to the fray. Being a younger chap, it is not as folksy as the Big Cheese's, but I like it just as much. it has nothing at all to do with Fraulein in greens hot pants, or the fact that her bottom seems to be eating the fabric as you watch, but it does help. This has given me the idea for a random thread, dedicated to the joys of European popular music, and all suggestions will be galdy taken under consideration, apart from "99 Luftballons" which is just bloody lazy.

All together now....Hey! Das Geht Ab!

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