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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bantams 1 The Boro 0

No, I didn't realise that Stevenage F.C. were nicknamed "The Boro" either, but that's what it says on Wikipedia, so it will do for me. If truth be told, it is the most interesting thing to report, on what can only be described as a snooze-fest of epic proportions. It was a strange game, Taylor rested numerous players from the mid-week cup game against Forest, and those who did start never really got out of first gear. The visitors, in only their second ever league game, made all the running, but although they hogged possession, never did much with it. The after half an hour, Bullock went down in the area, and Evans scored form the spot. Daley nearly scored early in the second half (which might have made a game of it) and Stevenage had a golden opportunity to equalise from a poor back pass, but it was fluffed. And that was about it. The one saving grace is that under the previous regime we would have lost.

So much for the game, now on to our new seating arrangement. Queso requested a change of view, and after three seasons in the same area we decided to give the top tier of the Kop a go, until at least Christmas. It is a Hell of view, we are about six rows from the back of the stand, but this means there are a considerable amount of stairs to be climbed. The Grande one was away on his holidays, and I am keen to hear his thoughts on the cliff like ascent that he will need to undertake every other Saturday. (Will do him good, if you ask me) Of course our new stair master route to our seats will allow for more pie action, as the effort should burn up most of the calories that have just been ingested. The toilets are also a fair old hike, which means more beer can be supped for the same reason. The main bonus though, is that we will remain dry during the British rainy season, which now seems to run from July through to May.

Pie Rating- A guest effort this week. We called in at Haighys for a swift one on our way to the ground, and they had a free Keema on the go, so I filled my face, which meant I didn't bother with a pie. Instead Mossy's young lad, Lichen, filled the breach, wolfing down a Steak and Kidney. He gave it a perfect 10/10. Now I admit it is good, but I fear youthful exuberance may have got the better of him. For a start he didn't even eat the crust! Kids these days.....

Kev Watch- I am not sure if the lad is suffering a bit of a World Cup hangover, but he is having a bit of a Rooney at the moment. He is showing glimpses, but is in desperate need of form. He drove to the game, so took it easy on the beer. Then he had to try a placate a bored Helmet, who doesn't do shit football games well, and then jiggered off early from the Villager. An improvement on the previous outing, he didn't get me a pint of Carling for a start, so his free transfer to Park Avenue is off the cards. Maybe a couple of months on loan at Guisley will sort him out......4/10

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