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Friday, August 20, 2010

Not as Gay

For a few years we (as in me and Crespo, Shouty and Sprocket) have had to put up with catcalls about the gayness of our 1860 wristbands. Especially from our wives and girlfriends. But all that may be about end. Sort of. Because Der Lowen have re-designed their SchweiƟbands. Instead of the classically camp baby blue and white stripes, they have gone for singular colours, as shown below:

Sexy, eh? To be fair baby blue will always be a little fruity, but white is the colour of the Righteous Euro Boys, and fair drips with manliness! I will always retain my original band, purchased on my first trip to the Allianz, but ever since Crespo's missus tried to get it around her head, it has been looking a bit baggy. I am thinking of placing an order for a couple of things, but the shipping is a killer, so if any other members want anything let me know and we can split the difference.

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