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Monday, April 26, 2010

Buffoon 2010: Update

Only a small adjustment, but it does give me time too tidy up the league table, of which I made a bit of an arse of last time. I went out for a few beers with Crespo over the weekend, and there is a two point addition to his total, after he confessed to suffering a "Munich Incident" in Dusseldorf. He tried to keep it quiet, but after getting a few ales down him the truth came out. The table below now looks thus:

Updated Buffoon Standings

  1. Trigger 50 points
  2. El Grande Queso 14 points
  3. Euro Bri 13 points
  4. Crespo 13 points
  5. Child Catcher 11 points
  6. Gareeeeeee 4 points
  7. Sprocket 3 points
  8. Dr Shotgun 3 points
  9. Mikey D 3 Points
  10. John the Don 3 points
  11. Shouty 3 points
  12. Dessi 2 points
  13. San 1 Point
  14. Major 1 point
As you can see, it has made minimal impact on the tables, but they could prove crucial come October. Still, brother Trigger will take a lot of catching...

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