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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a few hectic days, so yet again I have failed to keep up to the blog. I was going to post something last night at the game, but it was way too cold, so I decided to catch up before the weekly tussle down the Wood. Saturday was Grand National day, and I looked forward with great hope, as thanks to evil M.R.S. member Helen, I had taken possession of the "Fez of Fortune" which all but guaranteed a winner for the Brister. But I should have known better, and the only winner associated with the Fez was of course Helen. One by one my footie bets tumbled, and then my Lottery numbers, begging the question of my Head wear "Fez of Failure?" Only time will tell. Maybe it's because it's a tad on the small side for my massive bonce? Anyway, I have uploaded a gallery of all the Villager misfits trying it on, and doing their best Tommy Cooper's, apart from Gareeeee who decided on a psychotic carpet seller look. I was hoping Shouty would have been sporting his spectacles, as I could have called Morocco Mole for the duration of the evening, but he more than made up for it with his "Istanbul was Constantinople" song and dance routine, which although rubbish, was strangely infectious, and resulted in half the pub singing along. Pick of the bunch, as pictured below, has to be the King of the Pixies, who looks like he has just stepped of a magic carpet. We just need a miniature one for Skanks now, so any of you Blue Peter types, get busy!

Sunday was very much a day of rest, and Monday night I faced off against Paulcano's crew at five a side. Them boys are seriously out of shape. Tuesday was a freezing night at Valley Parade, for a nothing end of season game against Morecambe. Surprisingly we won, which makes it mathematically impossible for us to get relegated to the Conference. Maybe next year, eh? So hear I am, tapping away, psyching myself up for the head to head down the Wood, to hopefully get back on level terms. But the big one is now on the horizon, and there are only two sleeps till Dusseldorf. I am hoping to post from the Fatherland, but considering the alcohol intake predicted, I wouldn't bet on it.

For much Moroccan Madness follow this fez-tacular link.

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