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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Away Days...Fortuna 2 Lowen 0

It's a bit late, but I nearly forgot to post the game report, and Away Day thread from our recent sojourn to Dusseldorf.

First up the match. As you would expect from a team comfortably resigned to mid table mediocrity, 1860's performance had a touch of lethargy about it, as they dreamt of sunny beaches. Fortuna, on the other hand, still had a decent shout at finishing in the play off spot, and played like it. from the off the lads in blue in and white were under the cosh, and the surprise was they were only a goal up at half time. The second half was closer, TSV even had a good chance, wasted, but there was only ever one team in it, and the injury time penalty scored by Fortuna, was fair enough. In fact if they had won by four or five, it would not have been an unfair reflection.

Wurst rating- Two choices of sausage, I plumped for the Bratwurst, served with a lovely ice cold Kolsch. Which you could sit and drink in your seat. Hell they even had a guy walking through the crowd with a keg on his back. How could you not score it a perfect 10/10?

  • Capacity- 51,500
  • Concessions- Two kinds of beer (Alt and Kolsch) served cold, for £3. Sausage by the yard, and a team of servers, who get you served in double quick time. English football clubs should be made to go to Germany to see how it's done.
  • Built-2004
  • Did You Know?- It has a retractable roof, which means it can also host a variety of different events, such as Phil Collins concerts. The naming rights are currently held by fashion group Esprit, of whose underpants Crespo once paid €50 for a pair.
  • Visited By- Euro Bri, Dr Shotgun, Major, Shouty, Crespo, Sprocket and Dessi
  • Rating- Coliseum. About a fifteen minute train ride out of town. The place has like a huge fabricated wall surrounding all four sides, giving it an appearance of a big warehouse, if truth be told. Inside, however, is different kettle of fish, and it doesn't have a bad seat in the house. The crowd, at about 30,000-ish, made a good row, and if Fortuna make it to the Bundesliga, I reckon it will be a great place to watch a game of football. The taxi ride back in too town along the river was pretty cool as well.

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