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Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick to Take

Not so quick to pay back! Jet2 are starting too test my legendary patience. When you book a flight, the money is taken straight off the bat. When a volcano erupts, and flight is cancelled, you have to call a premium rate number, at 50p a minute, too be told it can take between 10-15 working days before your refund arrives. If the flight is cancelled, surely there is some kind of mechanism that would automatically reimburse all passengers due to fly? For a start it's an Internet company, so all payments are made by card. A tenner says there is a big ass button on a machine some where that says "Refund" that just needs pressing. My first action was to e-mail them, figuring it would save the phone call, and some button monkey in Delhi would receive and process. Yes, I appreciate there is a lot of flights to wade through, but two weeks! In fact it's more, because weekends don't count. When I rang up, the nice lady at the other end even said she could see it was being processed. So why couldn't she press the button? To say all this new fangled technology is supposed too have improved our lives, is a statement that is beginning to ring hollow in my book.


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