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Monday, April 26, 2010

Shouty the Kid

After declaring himself "Drinking Champion of Europe" brother Shouty is already having his credentials called into question. Just like Billy the Kid, legendary gun slinger of the Wild West, pretenders to his crown are already lining up, believing that if they can fell our bespectacled beer machine, they will be able to bathe in the glory of his demise. The first inclination I got that others had designs on his title, was the night after his Killepptsch antics, when a tipsy Queso rang our lass up to declare him self the new King, when the Right Honourable passed out in his cab on the way back to the hotel. But in the cold light of day, Stevie recalled the exploits of the previous night, and realised to truly lay claim to the belt, he would have to undertake an equally irresponsible drinking feat, and his roar subsided to a whisper. But news travels fast in the digital age, and back in the wilds of Wilsden, a sleeping giant has awoken. He may well be the wrong side of 45 now, but the legendary booze machine Sprout, is less than impressed, and has declared himself a contender. A well known bar jockey, who back in the day laid waste to men twice his size, has the reputation, but does he still possess the will? All I know, is that the next time Shouty darkens the door of the Villager, he better have his A game.

But I reckon this only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more who will wish to tame the Shoutster, and although he says not, I reckon the next time Helmet encounters him, he won't be able to resist. And these are just the guys I know. Brother Shouty has decided to talk the talk, and there will be plenty aiming to make him walk the walk. I predict a boozy summer......

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