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Saturday, April 10, 2010

MoFo Evilness Knows no Bounds

Not content with thwarting our efforts on Wednesday nights down the Wood, the evil rent boy chasers infiltrated the EuroMillions lottery, preventing the Upper George 4 winning the UK lottery raffle. The first three letters required to win were JMF. The toss pots. Hopefully my new "Fez of Fortune" will fend off of the MoFo jinx today, as I have backed rank outsider Joe Lively to earn me some beer tokens, and it is also a double roll over on the national Lottery. More likely my new head gear will in fact turn out to be the "Fez of Failure." At least it will match my "Wristband of Woe, " "underperforming Undies" and not least my "Belt of Bungles"

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