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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yo Ho Ho Me Mateys

The first annual Bender Squad Pirate Cruise sets sail down the choppy waters of the Leeds/Liverpool canal on the 21st of July. Everything is good to go, the times are set, the crew has been debriefed of our mission and a meeting point has been declared to get the day off to decent start with rum and bacon at the Skipton branch of Wheterspoons. I thought everything was covered till Dangerous Pete enquired about the sea/canal shanty's we would be enjoying our debauchery too. Dangerous has undertaken to compile a disc of worthy tunes to plunder and swig along too, but needs input from the Squad faithful to help. So far we have come up with;

  1. The Captain Pugwash theme tune

  2. Friggin' in the Riggin'-Sex Pistols

  3. The F.U.N. song-SpongeBob Squarepants

  4. The Irish Rover-The Pogues and Dubliners

  5. Sailing-Rod Stewart

  6. Big Balls-AC/DC

  7. SpongeBob Squarepants theme tune

  8. Professor Booty-The Beastie Boys

Of course anyone who can download any of the traditional shanty's such as "Dead mans chest" and the like will be promoted immediately to the poop deck, otherwise post suitable nominations as a comment. Anybody suggesting Celine Dions theme from the Titanic will be summarily keel hauled.


Crespo said...

What about,

'Dont let the ship go down on me'

By George Michael

Anonymous said...

dont give up yer day job